Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why KB Vision Makes Sense Offering Gold in Small Units

What a lot is going on in the world of precious metals last few years!

KB Gold 0.5 gram Card
KB Gold 0.5 gram Card
Especially Gold and Silver are in great demand moving their prices up to an all time high.As we see even more decline in the value of our paper currency, people are turning to precious metals as a safe haven.For sure, one main reason for this development is that more and more people are becoming aware of the value of gold in times of insecurity.However, talking about gold, for most people the purchase of it may be out of reach considering the prices right now close to $1400.00 an ounce.
But, No problem stays without a solution.A Company named “Kb Gold” is seizing the moment by coming up with a totally different way to own gold by helping the average people gain access to this valuable yellow shiny metal.

So, What is so special about what “KB Gold” is offering?

A little bit about the Company background
“KB “ actually stands for 'Kapital and Business”, A German/Swiss company that was founded in 1994 by “Mike Koschine” and they have been operational in the field of financial services.After many years in the financial industry Mike became more and more aware of the mechanisms that run the world and decided in 2008 that the time for change had come.
He stopped all activities in the traditional financial sector and turned his attention on gold.
Now the company operates under the official name of “KB-Edelmetall”.Their product has been accepted with great success and the company started expanding in some European countries, preparing the way for worldwide expansion. Here in February 2011 they are about to officially launch also in the US and Canada.

The Company Vision
Kb Gold main vision is to make gold available to everyone.In a very short time, KB gold managed to become the largest manufacturer and supplier of 1 gram bars in the entire world.3 tons of gold in a time span of 2 years is a real accomplishment and that is just the start. A real breakthrough occurred when in February 2010 they introduced the 0.5 gram gold kine bar.Now they offer gold in 0.5 , 1.0. 2.0 and 5 grams.

So, Why Gold from “KB Gold”?
*Small units affordable to everyone
Like I mentioned before the main vision of Kb is to make gold available to everyone and small units who cost less is a great way to achieve this. But, there is also a practical side of having small units compared to coin size or the more bulky gold bars.These small size units are accepted in over 194 countries as everyday legal tender.As gold is inflation proof, those units overtime will only increase in value, so may a real economic crisis strike you will still be available to buy food and any other every day necessity.

*Highest buyback price
Even though gold is money and can be used as legal tender , people still want to know what would happen if they want to trade it back for cash.Kb Gold is offering the highest buyback price at any time based on market price.So, may it happen that having a KB Gold card and you want to exchange it back to cash KB Gold will buy it back from you at a higher rate than any other financial entity.

*Competitive market price
Kb gold by owning their own mine and refinery is definitively in the position to offer their gold at very competitive price. Also they own their own distribution service for those in countries that delivery is actual available.

*Free to join, Zero start-up cost
Are you feeling excited about this company and ready to open your own gold backed savings account?Another great news is that is completely free to join and there is absolutely no cost to own a replicated site.This is definitely another plus for this company when compared to other companies which charges for start-up kits as well a possible monthly fee to be a member. Kb gold has an affiliate program that makes it even more attractive but this I will consider in detail in a different article.

KB Gold is definitely well worth to consider if you are interested in securing your financial future,use gold as investment to protect your wealth by building a strong hedge against inflation and even be prepared for any eventual economic crisis.
Just remember: “Who Owns Gold  from KB GOLD Always Has Money”
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