About Me

Hi Everyone,                                                               

Please receive a very warm welcome to  my blog.
Let me tell you just a little bit about me.
My name is Wendell Bulbaai,I'm native of a
beautiful Island in the Caribbean named Curacao ,
where we speak 4 different languages, Papiamenu, Dutch, English and Spanish.
I am living in Houston Texas USA since august 2003, so thats for 7 years now.I am a proud father of 2 lovely children: Ishwell and Daynise.

Network and Internet Marketing has become a passion for me. Getting in touch with new people and built new relationship is always so exciting.


My first contact with MLM business goes back to 1984 where I was presented the idea of getting paid not only for my own effort but also on the effort of helping others reach their goals
Since 1984 I have seen so many MLM businesses come my way but truely it wasn't till recently that something realy catched my attention again. My main focus has become to help people understand that PAPER MONEY is becoming trash,Yes.. Worthless.So.. what can be done about it?
 Simply put: "Go for commodities".
However, commodities is a very broad theme reaching from Real Estate, Land, Crude Oil, Precious Metals and the list go on and on.
my main focus on this blog will be on the precious metals Gold and Silver.

I'm here to share REAL VALUE with you about what I know, but always humble enough to learn new values from those with even more experience than me. My Main Goal here is to see anyone of "YOU" who decide to join one of my Business Opportunities Succeed because: "Your Success is My Success".

 I will be posting articles about investing in Gold and Silver and why today it is One the best protection against inflation and even become a possible lifeboat in case of hyperinflation. I'll show you how to built your wealth by first helping others do the same.
But, I will also write about the different aspect of todays online marketing and investing in general.
Thanks for following me and feel free to contact for any additional information.

Wendell B.

phone: 281-8932067
Skype: wendell.bulbaai