Surviving Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation, Currency killer about to hit the US Dollar

Most of us know that "inflation" is when prices of goods                                           
rise and it takes more money to buy the same items.
It's a side effect of an increased amount of a currency
in circulation, which causes the currency to lose its purchasing power.

How does this happen?
Whenever a currency is being produced without the necessary back up of a product it will result in to much money on the market that will cause an imbalance between the supply and demand. To much money and less good to purchase will lead prices of goods to go skyrocketing .The higher the level, the greater the inflation that finally could spin out of control and become "Hyper-inflation".

Our history has known over 30 countries that experienced hyper-inflation and saw their currency become worthless. Just to mention some of the worse cases we could point to Germany -1923,Greece-1944, Hungary 1946,Tawain 1949.Yugoslavia 1994 and Zimbabwe 2008. 

                                 See here a pic of Sweeping up the banknotes from
the street after the Hungarian pengő was replaced in 1946

Hyper-inflation normally goes accompanied by a complete loss of confidence in the currency involved and will wipe out the purchasing power of private and public savings,it stimulates over consumption and the hoarding of real assets and make the affected country unattractive to investors.

To give an idea of the seriousness of hyper-inflation we could take the most recent example of hyper-inflation in Zimbabwe, where a $100 billion banknote was only enough to purchase 3 eggs at the time it was printed

Well, It's no secret that after the market crash of 2008 U.S. government went over to print trillions of Dollars to fund its stimulus plans and bailouts and no doubt this will have it consequences.

All of the wealth and savings in the United States could soon be wiped out completely. We are fast approaching a run on the Dollar and rush into Gold and Silver. Unfortunately, by the time the average American figures out the truth we will likely see Gold over $5,000 per oz and Silver over $300 per oz and it will be too late for them to preserve their purchasing power.
After reading this, what are you personally doing to be prepared for this eminent upcoming Hyper-inflation?
Here is an easy way to get started.

Wendell B.